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Anglo American has been working in northern Finland since 2004


Anglo American has been working in northern Finland since 2004 and the project teams have worked extensively with a range of stakeholders including the regional and municipal government and local communities including land owners, reindeer herders and other land users.

We are committed to open communication and we look to engage with stakeholders. Our team in Sodankylä always welcome and value input and feedback from the local community and they strive to keep everyone informed about project and its activities.

Stakeholder Meetings

Since we started working in the region, we have continuously discussed our work plans with local stakeholders involved. We have held a number of informal and formal meetings with stakeholders over the past couple of years, usually before the start of our field activities and then day-to-day meetings throughout to update people on our activities.

We plan to have more formal meetings as we progress with the project and hope this will ensure we are able to connect with a broader group of stakeholders in the community.

Any notices of public meetings will be posted on the home page.

Please let us know what you think about this project, or send us any questions, by filling out our contact information form.