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Finland has a strong mining heritage

Our approach

Sustainable and shared value

Finland has a strong mining heritage and Anglo American is proud to be part of a responsible mining future.

Being a responsible miner also means taking a serious approach to environmental stewardship and it is our responsibility to avoid, minimise and mitigate potential environmental risks. Given the location of Sakatti, the team understand the importance of the local environment to other land users and the community and have worked in collaboration with our drilling partner Oy KATI Ab to develop a semi-closed loop drilling system that allows drilling in a sensitive environment at the same time as substantially reducing waste and water use and significantly minimizing the overall environmental footprint.

For Anglo American, we believe in the wealth of opportunities here in northern Finland. We have been exploring in the area for the past decade and we were very fortunate to make the Sakatti discovery which we hope will become part of Lapland’s mining heritage. We firmly believe that working in partnership is the best way to develop our projects.

Sakatti is no different and the deposit would not have been discovered without the great data generated by the GTK and working with our local drilling contractor Oy KATI Ab, to develop a cutting edge drilling system, has significantly reduced our environmental footprint and allowed us to work in areas we would previously not have been able to work in.

And now as we go forward we hope to be working with other partners and stakeholders in Lapland and across Finland.

Our Responsibility

But we also understand the importance of ensuring that any opportunity is developed responsibly and respectfully within the host community and we are very much committed to ensuring that we take this approach with the Sakatti project.

With so many opportunities we are also mindful that there needs to be responsible development, where companies are aware of the overall cumulative impacts of such operations or project. Companies work together with each other, local and national government and the local communities to ensure any impacts are managed and local services and infrastructure is able to support development.

We are looking forward to being part of realising one of Lapland’s opportunities’ and doing it responsibly in collaboration with the people of Lapland and Finland. We hope others will follow the standards already set to ensure future opportunities are developed to not only create value for the region but also in a way that respects other traditional land users and cultural heritage.

Please let us know what you think about this project, or send us any questions, by filling out our contact information form.


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