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Technological Innovation in Arctic Finland


We understand the importance of the local environment and we have sought to minimize our environmental footprint through the development of an innovative new closed circuit drilling system, in collaboration with Oy KATI Ab, that has substantially minimized our waste and water use as well as reducing our overall environmental footprint.

Case study: Technological Innovation in Arctic Finland

Exploration in Arctic Finland presents many logistical challenges. Most work is carried out in the winter – with temperatures often below - 20°C – when the ground has sufficient snow cover and is frozen enough to support the weight of the drill rigs.

Located in an environmentally sensitive region, the Sakatti exploration project faced challenges that required an innovative solution to further reduce its environmental and drilling footprint. In Finland, Anglo American’s exploration team, working in collaboration with drill contractors, Oy KATI Ab, was able to come up with a solution. A closed system drilling technique was developed by taking an idea from a Canadian operation and adapting it to the specific conditions in Finland.